A True Green City Development

The first of it's kind in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Development Argument

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This will provide regional connectivity and opportunities with neighbouring municipalities = co-operative governance.

  • A Balanced Movement Network
  • An Integrated Network of Streets
  • Visual and Physical Connectivity
  • A Hierarchy of Streets
  • Places for People to Walk
  • Pedestrian proximity Prioritised
  • Each with it’s own Identity
  • Access to Variety of Amenities
  • Define Urban to Rural transect
  • Points to Development Phasing
  • Defined Public and Private Space
  • Safety and Security
  • Legibility and Orientation
  • Network of Public Open Spaces
  • Utilising the Topography
  • Catering for All Typologies
  • Integrating with the Natural Environment
  • Streets as part of the System
  • A Variety of Spaces
  • Promoting Use of the Land
  • Integrated Agricultural Opportunities
  • Water Management as an Integral Component

FULLY INTEGRATED AND COMPLETELY SUSTAINABLE LIVING - no need to commute daily out of the node

  • Showcase a Legacy
  • Making a New Place
  • Uplifting People
  • Rejuvenating Land and Water

A network of interconnected villages; higher density, fine grained and mixed uses are located at the local district centres.

Retail and commercial uses at street level with commercial offices and residential homes situated above.

Larger commercial and industrial land uses are located on the edges of the villages with direct access to the arterial transport network. Priority will be given to these sectors initially to promote economic activity and drive future demands of other sectors.

A variety of residential land uses, including medium density row housing, town houses and compact residential development catering for a cross-section of users surround the local district centres.

Existing shortage of “General” Industrial Land.

Demand for land to support the growth of the Automotive Sector. The site is within 30km of the existing Automotive Complex in the Prospecton and Umbogintwini areas eThekwini Municipality has undertaken studies to indicate the demand for General Industrial Land for a variety of sectors in the short to medium term. Current demand is 112.5ha per annum (45 net ha), which equates to 2250ha over the next 20 years.

A further study on the growth prospects of the Municipality to achieve a 7% growth in GDP by 2020 as well halve unemployment and poverty to meet the targets as set out in the New Growth Path; an area comparable to the South Durban Basin (1600ha) of industrial land needs to be unlocked by 2020.

A study prepared by Transnet on the land requirements needed to support the Port Expansion proposed, indicated that approximately 15ha per year will be required from the time of commissioning the Port expansion project up to ten years – just to accommodate the demand for container storage yards; warehousing and distribution yards. Recent SIP2 studies indicate the following projected new industrial space demand in eThekwini using a low and high road forecast:

  • Low Road 141ha in 2015 growing to 1287 ha in 2035
  • High Road 317ha in 2015 growing to 4310 ha in 2035

South of eThekwini planned to be identified as Autotropolis with linkages to Harbour and New Dug out Port North of eThekwini planned to be identified as Aerotropolis with linkages to Airport.

Finningley and Illovo ASP will be able to contribute to the forecasted automotive demand.

Positive discussion with Dube Tradeport to be a feeder airport for imports and exports DG of Province discussing extending IDZ to incorporate Finningly air and industrial precinct. Strong linkages between regional automotive industry and race track precinct

  • Race track designed by TILKE
  • Track length of the main course - 5822m
  • Perfect design for all national and international racing-series, touristic-driving and use as an industrial test facility.
  • Extreme topographic characteristics comparable to the Nurburgring-Nordschleife, Germany and Laguna Seca, USA

A green city destination for international and local tourists.

  • 7 star hotels
  • Fresh produce markets
  • Research and development universities
  • Located on coast of one of the world’s top 5 dive sites
  • International standard medical facilities
  • Outdoor sport activities that include mountain biking, sailing , surfing and car racing

Planned development will provide more intensive agricultural use and outputs toward 4 times food security than currently

Agriculture employment numbers in the final development will be 5 times higher than current employment

  • Existing facilities incorporated into new operations
  • Public space network extended into agricultural facilities
  • Direct connections to town centres
  • Recreational facilities included for all to share
  • Existing natural environments extended and enhanced
  • A network of recycling designed into the landscape
  • 'Smart' education campuses
  • Campuses connect commercial and agricultural land uses
  • Surrounding land uses include primary and secondary schools
  • Adjacent development includes all education related amenities